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About Serinus Health

Serinus Health was born out of a need to deliver specialized, quality health monitoring when and where you need it, such as the comfort of your own home.

Our Approach

Monitoring health is important. Serinus Health’s remote health monitoring contrasts with the traditional approach which requires a patient to wait until there is a doctor’s appointment available, travel to an office to perform routine vital monitoring. This visit is likely in several days or weeks, and the appointment requires the patient to spend time traveling potentially impacting family or caregivers.


Furthermore, the consequent delays in waiting for an appointment may impact a patient’s accurate diagnosis and postpone changes to care plans. In a worst case scenario, the discovery of an important health issue may be delayed, as well. This can lead to exacerbation of conditions and lengthier, more expensive recovery periods. Finally, health insurers or self-paid patients would suffer higher costs resulting from potential visits to the emergency room, and even hospitalization, while waiting for the future appointment.


Serinus Health Difference

With Serinus Health’s remote patient health monitoring, a physician can review a patient’s vitals as the patient uses tele-monitoring-enabled FDA-approved medical devices to remotely check and transmit data directly to his or her physician without leaving the home. This saves time for patients, Medicare beneficiaries and physicians.

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