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Remote Patient Monitoring for ALF Residents

Keeping your Residents Healthier and Happier

Why Offer Remote Patient Monitoring to your Residents?

Serinus Health is a leading provider of Remote Patient Monitoring services and has accumulated thousands of monitoring vitals from Medicare Beneficiaries since Medicare established the RPM Program in January of 2018.   Serinus has the latest technology and the most sophisticated platform to monitor the health of your Residents. 


Serinus services are unique since it offers full patient choice regarding the devices to use and the collection methodology.  Furthermore, Serinus’ scope goes beyond offering a technology; Serinus services include continuing coaching to patients with education, promoting medication compliance and performing additional personalized health assessments. 


Finally, Serinus coordinates with resident’s health care providers to ensure timely care upon any Vital or Health Assessment Alert.  And, this care delivery, either via Telehealth or in the clinic, is enhanced by patient’s health evolution information and any Alerts using specialized Serinus Physician Dashboard.     

  1. Serinus provides your Residents with the latest, most flexible and easy RPM Solution.
  2. Serinus is NOT brokering or a middleman; Serinus is the direct service
  3. Serinus does not charge for any services or equipment used by the resident.
  4. There is no charge to your facility for Serinus to be able to service your Residents
  5. Serinus works with the Residents Provider, or patient may choose Serinus’ own APRN’s to monitor the   resident’s vitals and for the delivery of health care, at home or via enhanced Telehealth.
  6. Serinus minimize any impact on ALF’s workflow and procedures.

Serinus offers a unique marketing differentiator to your facility: Your ALF Residents will have better health outcomes and reduced likelihood of hospitalizations: Better Quality of Life Fosters Happier Residents

The Serinus Health RPM Process

  • Resident has an initial encounter with ARNP for health checkup, RPM Prescription and Consent

  • Residents take vital readings At-home for easy transmission using Serinus tools.

  • Resident will have medical professional monitoring his/her health

  • Early detection of health issues prevents worsening conditions likely leading to expensive and troubling ER/Hospital admissions

  • Serinus provides continuing education and health coaching

  • Resident Patients have access to On-Site support to take readings, if needed.

  • At Home (ALF) Telehealth Consults providing expert medical attention

  • Timely Access to Care, either a home visit or at the clinic – coordinated by Serinus

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Serinus Health Inc is a data collection & reporting service, not a healthcare provider. Serinus Health Inc does not analyze data or make medical findings. The physician is responsible for all medical interpretations of the data. Serinus Health Inc is a contracted service of the recommending physician.