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Serinus Health PWA

 The new Serinus Health PWA app is designed to be a light and easy to run app since all the processing is done in the Serinus Health Cloud. This means your app will be 100% secure and running on any phone or browser window.


1. Download

Please click the Direct Download links are available at the end of the of the instructions. Just click the link then download the app from the app store.

2. Bluetooth Permission

In order to connect your bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor you MUST click OK to give permission. 

3. Login

To Log into the app you must use the phone number that is registered with Serinus Health as your primary phone number.

Use the correct formatting as shown here.




Click “Save Me” button to save your login information for the next time you login.

4. Permissions

In order for the app to find the Bluetooth device you must allow access!

Much like your keeping your vitals safe, your privacy is our #1 priority.



For android you must allow access to audio, and pictures as well.

Some Android operating system versions have different permission systems. It always helps to be on the latest version of the Android system for the best results.If you have any other issues or if it is not working then there may be other steps we need to take depending on your Android OS version. We will be happy to help you install the app sucessfully. 

5. Transmitting Vitals

Click on the vital you wish to transmit now.

Press the “M” or cloud key on your Blood Pressure cuff

Vitals appear on screen after a few seconds. 

Hit “Save”

Success! Your vitals have been sent!

Click Return to submit other vitals. 

Download Links

Android Play Store

Apple App Store