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Serinus Services for Nursing Homes

Increasing Profitability and  Competitive Edge

Nursing Homes profitability has been under increased downward pressures with lower reimbursements, while resources costs spiral upwards due to inflation and resource shortages pressures. Furthermore, some operations suffer from lower occupancy rates with inflexible fixed costs.  On the other hand, nursing homes residents have as leading complaints Slow Response Times and Social Isolation, among others.  Addressing these issues with traditional approaches imposes additional upward cost pressures.
Serinus has a comprehensive initiative to increase Nursing Homes profitability, enhance competitive edge, and improve residents/patients’ satisfaction.  Nursing Homes profitability increases will result from higher occupancy rates and lowering operational costs.  Nursing Homes competitive edge enhancements will come mainly from patients’ better health outcomes, while at-the facility or residence, and lowering readmissions to acute care.

Serinus Services to achieve the proposed benefits to the Nursing Home are centered on four main components:

Patient Vitals Monitoring

Patient Vitals Monitoring in their Habitat: early detection of patient’s changing risks triggering timely health care provision.

Evidence Based Intelligent Telemedicine

Professional health care is provided to patients at their Habitat via Telemedicine. Patient’s Condition Evidence is gathered during the ongoing Patient’s Vitals Monitoring and if additional condition assessment is required, then Serinus will deploy mobile Tele-Diagnostics equipment to the patient’s Habitat to collect additional vitals (e.g., EKG, ultrasound, etc.) or enable remote evaluation (e.g. digital stethoscope, cameras, etc.) of patient’s condition. Precise care delivery is achieved by having the personalized patient’s history available, and the conditions’ real time evidence, during the Telemedicine consult at patient’s Habitat.
The attending physician performing Telemedicine consults might be a facility physician, a patient primary doctor or a Serinus Health physician.

Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection at patient’s Habitat as per physician instructions.

Virtual Social Networking

Virtual Social Networking, both expert Social Worker moderated, educational (e.g. disease management), family forums, and spontaneous residents virtual groups via video, chats or voice (e.g. games, conversational, etc.).

The attending physician performing Telemedicine consults might be a facility physician, a patient primary doctor or a Serinus Health physician.

Finally, Timely and Precise Telemedicine consult at patient’s Habitat provides accurate diagnoses, treatment decisions and medication adjustments without the need for the patient’s transportation to a clinic, Urgent Care or Emergency Room.

Achieving Nursing Home Benefits: 

Nursing Homes Profitability: Serinus Intelligent Telemedicine increases profitability by lowering operational costs and increasing occupancy rate.
Lowering Operational Costs: there are two important tasks with a significant impact on operational costs:

1.Patient vitals collection and documentation; Serinus can transmit and log all the patient vitals directly into the EMR or system being used by the Nursing Home. Therefore reducing the cost of manual collection and logging.

2. Patients transportation to physician or ER location requires arrangements and support of patients’ movements from the bed to the transportation vehicle. Serinus Services eliminate or minimize these two tasks. Serinus Services reduces the need of all the tasks related to scheduling and transportation of patients.

Occupancy Rate: Serinus early detection of patient’s emergent risks and timely effective care provision creates a de-facto competitive edge attracting more patients, either private, institutional or Insurance referrals. Furthermore, the life of the residents is further extended, which increases the effective occupancy of existing residents.

Enduring Competitive Edge: Serinus promotes referrals to the Nursing Home from institutions and insurances by reducing the re-admissions or discharges to acute care. Likewise, Serinus improves patients’ health care outcomes which in turn enhances their apparent quality of life. Serinus Virtual Social Networks addresses one of the big challenges in Nursing Home residents, that of feelings of isolation from friends and families which might worsen depressions with all known comorbidities. Furthermore, effective Intelligent Telemedicine reduces the need of frequent ambulances at the door of the Nursing Homes, which reduces the trauma associated with need for Ambulance transportation.

In summary, better patient’s health outcomes result in enhanced residents satisfaction which will be noticeable with families and friends. The best achievable Competitive Edge.

Serinus Health Inc is a data collection & reporting service, not a healthcare provider. Serinus Health Inc does not analyze data or make medical findings. The physician is responsible for all medical interpretations of the data. Serinus Health Inc is a contracted service of the recommending physician.