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All of your vitals are analyzed, sorted, and displayed for your doctor.

“Making Medical decisions now takes minutes instead of waiting for weeks while the patient comes back to the clinic”


RPM is now one of the most effective medical tools a doctor can rely on. It allows your doctor to monitor your health while you remain at home. RPM allows your doctor to make adjustments to your medications or make potentially life-saving medical decisions, therefore, reducing the likelihood of needing to go to the clinic or ER. RPM is accomplished by a patient taking their vitals at home then, using the Serinus vitals collection tools, submitting them to the Serinus Virtual Care Cloud.

When you submit your vitals to the Serinus Virtual Care Cloud they are analyzed for any changes in your vitals that might indicate an emerging health condition or worsening symptoms. If this is detected then the Care Cloud generates a Vitals Alert. This Vitals Alert is then sent to your doctor or care team for their attention and they can determine if any further actions need to be taken. Once we get your vitals, they are stored in the Serinus Virtual Care Cloud to provide a clear and accurate picture of your vitals history. This vitals history allows your doctor to make accurate diagnoses, follow your vitals trends, as well as make more informed medical decisions going forward in your healthcare journey


Vitals per month


Medicare Regulations mandate that patients take 16 vitals readings per month, so we always try to keep our patients compliant with this. We will silently watch over the vitals as they come in, however, Serinus will need to send reminders to patients who have not transmitted their vitals for 2 days in order to keep patients within Medicare guidelines.

You can always continue taking your vitals if you go on vacation and it is definitely recommended.  The Serinus Call and Texting virtual assistants work from anywhere in the US. You can always use the Serinus Health app anywhere in the world. If you are going overseas please let us know and we can get you set up with the app.



Reporting your vitals




Call or Text with Serinus Health Virtual Assistants

Call 786-686-1889

Call from any phone including land lines!

Helpful Tips

  1. The Serinus Health Virtual Assistant works by recognizing you by your caller ID when you call or text to report your vitals. It is very important that you give us any phone numbers you might call from to minimize the delay in reporting your vitals. 
  2. The Serinus Health Virtual Assistant will always greet you by name. If you do not hear or see your name we may not have the number you are calling from registered. Please enter a number change ticket below and we will get to that as soon as we can. 
  3. Always call the Serinus Health Virtual Assistant directly after taking your vitals so we can assign the most accurate time of day to your vital. 
  4. The Serinus Health Virtual Assistant will only ask you for one vital segment at a time. If you are reporting Blood Pressure then it will ask you first for the Systolic (top number), then Diastolic (bottom number), then finally it will ask you for your pulse rate.


Text “Hi” to 786-686-1889

Serinus Health PWA App

The Award Winning Serinus Health app is a hands free, fully automated vitals collection app that will submit your vitals by simply launching the app, then using one of our iHealth Bluetooth devices to submit your vitals. To log in you will only need your primary phone number and your date of birth. To make sure these are properly registered please submit a ticket below or give us a call to 561-921-1012. 

Here is some helpful information for using the Serinus Health app. 

  1. It is free to use but you must be registered to use it before logging in. Please let support know you wish to begin using the app and we can make sure you are set up properly.

  2. Not all devices with Bluetooth will be able to connect with our app however you can enter your vitals manually if you have a different device like a Glucometer. It can still use it alongside an iHealth Blood Pressure monitor provided by Serinus Health.

  3. No pairing is needed for Bluetooth connections. Simply turn on the iHealth Track Blood Pressure cuff, iHealth Air Oximeter, or Lina Scale and it will automatically be connected with our app.

  4. When manually inputting any vitals, please ensure that you put in the correct vitals.

#1 - Logging In

When logging in with your phone number and date of birth be sure to enter the formatting exactly as you see it below.

#2 - Care Plan

Click on the Task you wish to transmit. Please have your device ready.

#3 - Blood Pressure

Take your blood pressure then log into the app. Click on the task then hit the M/Cloud button on the blood pressure monitor to transmit.

#4 - Oximeter Readings

When taking your Blood Oximeter readings click on the task THEN go to the task. Click then on the only button on the Oximeter while it is on your finger. The Bluetooth connection will happen automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a bill?

RPM is a Medicare Part B benefit which means there will be a 20% co-pay.  A patient particular contribution, if any, would depend on the patient’s specific insurance.  Please note Serinus does not ever make or perform any billing to Medicare neither to a patient.  If you get a bill that you wish to discuss, please contact your doctor’s billing department.

Can I get a new device?

You can always get a new device from us as long as you continue to use the device to report your vitals through the system. If you wish to cancel off the program you must return the device.

Can I switch reporting methods?

You can use whatever methods you wish at anytime and interchageably.  If you wish to use the app then you will have to speak to the Service Center and ask to be enrolled with the app. You can also submit a ticket below.

Patient Help Form.

Please enter your details below and we will begin helping you as soon as possible.