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For Physicians


CMS Reimburses Physicians for a Monthly Assessment, Modification of Care Plan and/or Patient Communication, as needed, Based on Patient Generated Health Data that Has Been Digitally Collected and Transmitted to Physician.

The Basics

  • Remotely monitor your patients’ vitals & health status with minimal effort.

  • All (Original) Medicare beneficiaries are eligible, with no need for any pre-existing diagnosis or condition.

  • Patient health data is digitally collected, transmitted for assessment, care changes & communication to patient, by a licensed clinician, taking a minimum of 30 minutes per month.

SerinusHealth Provides…

  • Provides necessary logistical support for patients to acquire the devices needed to capture vitals at home.
  • Supports device installation, connection, set-up and ongoing support
  • Instructs patients & users in the use of their devices
  • Collects and transmits the device readings from remote devices to a central database.
  • Creates a concise monthly health data report for each patient in a clear format for the clinicians’ assessment to serve as billing documentation and support

* A licensed MA clinician may prepare a monthly assessment of the individual’s health data to be documented in the EMR, for easy review and modification by the patient’s physician. (OPTIONAL)


Physician Responsibilities

  • Secure Patient Consent.
  • Review & Modify 99091 Encounter Documentation in the EMR.
  • Review and modify clinician assessment and edit care plan as needed.
  • Order the corresponding tasks and communicate to patients.

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Serinus Health Inc is a data collection & reporting service, not a healthcare provider. Serinus Health Inc does not analyze data or make medical findings. The physician is responsible for all medical interpretations of the data. Serinus Health Inc is a contracted service of the recommending physician.