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Monitoring patient’s health at home to improve health outcomes and increase revenue


Of the population has vital alerts per month


Earlier Care and Earlier Medication Adjustments

Savings from 20% Less Medical Hospitalizations

In additional CPT Practice Revenue



The Serinus Intelligent Healthcare Advantage

Industry Leading Flexibility

With the ability to collect patient vitals using any phone or any device, Serinus can engage patients other companies cannot.

 Patient flexibility to choose their preffered vital collection method:

With Voice Dictation, Texting, and/or Serinus fully automated app

Voice Chat-bots

Some patients may not own a cellphone or have difficulty texting, so patients may voice dictate or key in their vitals to Serinus Virtual Assistant Chatbot using ANY phone including landlines. Ultimate flexibility means no patient gets left behind.


Chatbot: "Hello John Doe. What is your Systolic pressure"

Patient: "One Hundred Twenty"

Chatbot: What is your Diastolic?

 Patient: "Eighty Two"

Chatbot: What is your Pulse?

 Patient: "Ninety Two"

Chatbot: What is your Oxygen Saturation?

 Patient: "Ninety Nine"

Chatbot: What is your weight?

 Patient: "Eighty Two"

Chabot: Thank you for trusting SerinusHealth


Texting Chat-bot

Most patients are very familiar with Texting with their loved ones and friends. Patients may also elect to use the Serinus Texting Virtual Assistant to send their vitals easily.

Fully Automated App

For patients with smartphones, the Serinus Health automated app, with on-screen instructions, collect vitals from Serinus supplied Bluetooth devices accurately and effortlessly or allows manual entry of vital values if the patient prefers to use any other device – Total Flexibility.

Industry-leading Patient Engagement and compliance results in fewer  ER/Hospitalizations admissions


Care where and when its needed

RPM monitors the evolution of health conditions like Hypertension, CHF, COPD, CAD, and Diabetes. Health professionals can observe the patient’s condition as it changes with every vitals update from the patient. Thus, enabling the early detection of health risks such as systolic trending higher, oxygen saturation trending low, sudden large weight changes; etc


Patients take their vital readings at home, and then these are collected and transmitted to the physician and/or care team.


Any abnormal vital changes generate Vital Alerts which are sent to the care team for timely review.


Prompt notification of these risks changes allows for timely care intervention, preventing worsening conditions and likely ER/Hospitalizations. Monitoring of a patient’s health conditions allows for prompt medication adjustments. More importantly, health monitoring reinforces the patient’s medication compliance with the resulting benefits to the overall patient health.



Serinus Advantage begins with significant differentiation in the RPM space, total patient flexibility, and freedom regarding which vitals devices to use. More importantly, how to collect and transmit these readings to the care team. 

Serinus technology tools and processes enable patient flexibility and freedom, which boosts engagement and compliance. 

Serinus Health enhances vitals readings with personalized patient’s health assessments to include conditions-associated symptoms like shortness of breath, dizziness, etc. The complementary set of vitals with these personalized health assesments provides the health professional with additional evidence of patient condition.

Healthcare professionals recognize RPM alone is not enough. Serinus optional scope includes the pro-active coordination of timely care provision. Care provision may include professional care at home via Telehealth or in the clinic for medication adjustments or further E&M medical decisions. 


Serinus comprehensive scope includes early detection of COVID19 symptoms that likely indicate a  infection.  Since persons might have different “normal” temperatures, Serinus monitors a person’s temperature evolution to determine a growing trend or a likely fever (ex. 2 or 3 degrees higher), even before the temperature value reaches a given fixed value (ex. 100.4).  More importantly, the likely fever is detected while the person is still at home.  

Other (non-fever) COVID19 symptoms might be observable before any fever is declared, thus Serinus performs COVID19 specific Health Assessment Screenings while the patients are at home to detect any abnormal symptom Alert.  These Health Assessment Screenings can be performed with any frequency necessary, for example daily before a person goes to the workplace, or with any other periodicity.  

It is a known fact that certain per-existing conditions significantly increase risks.  Therefore, monitoring the evolution of health conditions like Hypertension, CHF, COPD, CAD, Diabetes, is a critical component of any COVID19 risk management program.  The early detection of any abnormality of these conditions for prompt corrective care significantly reduces any likely complications resulting from COVID19 symptoms or virus infections.

Any COVID19 Health Assessment Screening Alert provides the evidence necessary for effective Telehealth consult and smart testing program. 


RPM results in significantly lower health care costs by effective reduction of ER/Hospitalizations.  Thus, any participant in health costs risk management greatly benefit from RPM.  These participants include health insurance plans, ACOs, MSOs, and physicians under risk contracts or savings share incentives. Physicians, PCPs or specialists like cardiologists, endocrinology, and pulmonology, receive the additional sizeable cash reimbursements for the RPM CPTs.  RPM also provides the necessary evidence enabling effective Virtual Visits (value up to an E&M Level 4 visit every seven days), evidence-based Telehealth consults (up to E&M Level 4 or 5), and regular clinic visits.  In summary, the overall influence of an effective RPM program results in significant revenue growth for physician practices and hospitalization savings for risk-bearing entities.   


Serinus Health RPM Implementation and Workflow

RPM implementation phases include:


1. Determination of the vitals to monitor depending on each patient’s conditions.

2. Determination of the devices which the patients will use to take their vitals.

3. Provision of the devices to the patients or use the device of thier choice, together with the necessary education.


4. Patient takes its vital readings on a daily routine while at home.

5. Patient selects the method or solutions to collect and transmit the vitals readings. Voice dictation/key-in, texting, or automated app. 

6. Vitals are transmitted and accessible to health care providers.


7. The transmitted vital values are analyzed to determine values outside pre-defined threshold limits.

8. Any abnormal values trigger Alerts to be promptly notified to the patient’s care team. 

Serinus Real Time Vitals Dashboard:

Serinus has a real time Vitals Dashboard where the physician and care teams can see any patient’s vitals evolution at any time. This can also be used sign up new patients or change the care plan.

Why Serinus Health?

Serinus Health, a leader in remote health monitoring, has the solution to help employers (businesses) minimize COVID-19 ongoing risks in the workplace from employees returning (daily) to work.  Serinus enables early detection of any individual emergent health risk and/or illness through timely symptoms screening & vitals monitoring.  Early detection of possible risks will trigger prompt and relevant health professional consultation to make an informed decision and/or to confirm certain actions (virus testing) have been taken, before returning to the workplace.  Serinus services and related workflow are flexible and can be adapted to each particular workplace or company requirements to minimize any impact on workplace productivity

Serinus Health provides employers and businesses with the necessary information and decision criteria to perform the critical task of maintaining workplace safety on a daily basis.  This in turn empowers employees to be participants of their own safety in the workplace, increasing morale and sense of well-being.  

In a time where social distancing begins to relax and stay-at-home orders are being lifted, it is critical to ensure exposure to possible health risks is kept to a minimum for businesses’ employees and to ensure business continuity. 

Serinus Health is a leader in Remote Patient Monitoring at home for early detection of health risk changes.  Risk changes trigger automated alerts to our care team.  Upon receiving a health alert, Serinus conducts a real-time patient health assessment tailored to the patient’s condition for prompt and precise Interventions of Care Coordination.  Furthermore, Serinus’ platform enables physicians to provide “Care When and Where is Needed’ using evidence-based Tele-Medicine to patients at home.

Serinus has the most flexible array of health monitoring tools for total patient flexibility, including automated apps; smart Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistants via Voice or Texting; and data concentrators requiring no patient intervention for vital automatic transmissions via cell networks.  Serinus smart cloud applications detect and send automated Alerts upon detection of vital abnormalities, while physicians and care teams have access to real-time patient vitals dashboards.

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Serinus Health Inc is a data collection & reporting service, not a healthcare provider. Serinus Health Inc does not analyze data or make medical findings. The physician is responsible for all medical interpretations of the data. Serinus Health Inc is a contracted service of the recommending physician.